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About Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance is a fitness model and founder of Aesthetix Era. His lifestyle has inspired many people from all over the world. With his feeling for fashion, eye for detail and incredible determination Sergi has become a role model within the fitness industry. In Jaco de Bruyn he found a friend who was having the same vision: creating a sportswear brand that enhances a fashionable lifestyle. Their friendship resulted into partnership and Aesthetix Era was born.

The biggest dream Sergi has is to help people reach their goals, no matter what they are. Via Aesthetix Era he is able to help many people at once, by creating sportswear that stimulates confidence and top performance. By living the Aesthetix Era lifestyle and showing others how they that is done, he always tries to help his followers to accomplish their goals. Humbleness, unity and determination are the key factors to improvement.

In the future Sergi wants to keep inspiring others to live their dreams and work towards their goals. Aesthetix Era is helping him to carry out the message. To dominate the sports world with an Aesthetix Era lifestyle, that is what Sergi wants to accomplish.