They’re here; new releases! You might have seen them on FIBO or FITCON already, but the the newest Aesthetix Era items are now also available on the official web shop!

Urban Tees; The Urban Tee fitness shirts are available in two different color combinations - Green/White and Black/Silver. Make sure to try them on as the renewed fit boosts your performance greatly! No time to waste, shop now!

Sport Tees; The Tee sport is available in two designs – white with black stripes and black with white stripes. The slightly slim fit perfectly accentuates your physique and the design allows you to take your Aesthetix Era look outside the gym as well! Work your ass off and earn your stripes! Shop now!

Viper Caps; Finally we have the trucker caps you have been waiting for available on our website. They’ve been sold out at FIBO POWER already, but we have been able to restock them for online availability as well!